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My Books

Encapsulation: A Novel

Encapsulation Cover

Planet Dirt: Remnant of an exile world, ground down by governmental and megacorp warring.

The Accident a generation ago erased what its inhabitants had not already forgotten. Their brightest scientists vanished without a trace, leaving only the icy Wasteland.

Carrick, a gangster, chooses Wasteland exile rather than betray the Family. Within these new walls, Carrick will bend the frontier’s prisoners to his will. After all, when people won’t choose what’s best for themselves, they must be forced to choose.

But the Wasteland conceals impossible scientific phenomena that force Carrick to realize how little he understands—and when an officer of humanity’s ancient, starfaring empire crashes into the Wasteland’s heart, he reveals Planet Dirt’s coldest secret.

The Accident was only the beginning of a bitter end.

About 56,000 words. Read now on Kindle Unlimited.

Gunslinger and Samurai

Gunslinger and Samurai cover

“From the Plane of Steel I call you forth!”

On the day Prince Kurou is to become engaged to the princess of a neighboring city, the bandit lord known as Callicles the Hyena invades the town called White Pepper.

Kurou and the street boy Olivier find themselves unlikely comrades plunged into a world of martial artists, ancient magic, and Lone Wolves who fight as brothers. Follow the journey of the pauper and the prince in this fast-paced adventure inspired by Wuxia and Western fantasy as the two become Gunslinger and Samurai.

About 31,000 words. Buy now on Kindle.

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