Conflict and the End of Fiction

The two fundamental elements of story are contrast and shared experience, not conflict. From these two elements proceed all other aspects of story. My essay Conflict and the End of Fiction examines this perspective, drawing from an appendix of sixteen authors’ perspectives on what lies at the heart of story.

Encapsulation First Draft

I’ve written the first draft to a scifi novella which you can read for free on Royal Road. When a foe sets Lieutenant Angers up for destruction by planting an AI-hungry virus on his starfighter, Angers has no choice but to jump blindly into hyperspace in desperate hope of evading the Paraceum on some minor […]

Gunslinger and Samurai Available for Preorder

“From the Plane of Steel I call you forth!” On the day Prince Kurou is to become engaged to the princess of a neighboring city, the bandit lord known as Callicles the Hyena invades the town called White Pepper. Kurou and the street boy Olivier find themselves unlikely comrades plunged into a world of martial […]