The Orchid-Eaters

  • Genre – Paranormal Suspense
  • Length – In Planning
  • Availability – In Planning

In the year 1936, a German scientist led American and British agents to the Himalayas, where they discovered a crashed prototype U-boat filled with strangely vibrant orchids.

Twelve years later, young Casper Elwood is approached in a grimy Chicago bar by a pair of suited men who ask if Casper knows the location of his brother Caesar, who they claim is a fugitive of the state.

Casper hasn’t seen his brother in years, not since he became a police officer to avoid the draft.

Yet when Casper returns home, Caesar is waiting. And the suits followed Casper home. And all three unwelcome guests seem in possession of otherworldly powers.

People on every side beg Casper to join the fight for truth, justice, and the American way. He may be the only one who can convince his brother not to destroy the entire city of Chicago.

Or he may be the only one to see there is no other option if the world itself is to be saved.