Gunslinger and Samurai Series

In those brief moments after his useless strike…, during which the man had no time for anything but a sneer and a few intimidating words, Olivier made his choice.
Today, I don’t run when someone else is in danger.
I stand and fight.
Even if it’s useless. -Gunslinger and Samurai

“I’d recommend this book to anyone who’s interested in fantasy storytelling as well as gritty action … a good combination of martial arts and western standoffs.” -★★★★★ Amazon Review

On the day Prince Kurou is to become engaged to the princess of a neighboring city, the bandit lord known as Callicles the Hyena invades the town called White Pepper.

Kurou and the street boy Olivier find themselves unlikely comrades plunged into a world of martial artists, ancient magic, and Lone Wolves who fight as brothers. Follow the journey of the pauper and the prince as they become Gunslinger and Samurai.