Free Story Critique!

I’m on YouTube, at the channel Papa Taytay. I’m offering free feedback and critique of short stories (preferably 3000 words or fewer) and opening chapters of novels (same as above).

Why would you, Taylor, do this?

I need critique practice so I can better develop my own writing and help my writing group develop theirs. There are approximately thirteen quadrillion writers on the internet (at my last count) who deserve the unbiased, insightful critique they need to improve themselves, and that’s something I can do!

Why would I, dear and beloved reader, do this?

Not only is this an opportunity for you to receive free, no-strings-attached, insightful critique on your writing (I don’t have to tell you how getting useful feedback is a pain in the rear. We’ve both been there, and it sucks!) but this is also an amazing opportunity to build an amazing resource for the beginning writers of the internet.

What does that mean?

Video critiques will provide valuable resources for beginning writers looking to build the mental patterns necessary for improving themselves. Seeing commentary on the voices of a dozen different authors will help a new writer understand how to develop their own, and seeing repeated corrections of common issues will help them recognize these issues in their own work. Think of the children! Think of the future! Excelsior!

All right, your brilliant rhetoric has convinced me. Where do I sign?

Hold your horses, lad/lass/robot/extraterrestrial-in-human-skin. No need to offer me your firstborn or anything. Just fill out the details below and send them to papa (at) taylorclogston (dot) com. I’ll get back to you and, ideally quickly, set to work giving your story the care it deserves!

Looking for the following, from most to least desirable:

Opening chapters (with prologues, if applicable) – I’ll focus on hooks, pacing, and the promises you’re making to a reader, as well as general prose.

Short stories – I’ll focus on structure, characters, theme, and generally big-picture stuff, and less on prose.

Mid-work chapters – Chapters from anywhere in a story, with no surrounding context. I’ll focus on various components of prose.

Additionally, I’d prefer to avoid steamy (or raunchier) writing, and stories with particularly heavy profanity. We can discuss this on an individual basis.

Send the following to papa (at) taylorclogston (dot) com:

  • Name for attribution (or anonymous)
  • Name of submission (“Chapter X of [Title],” “Title,” etc.)
  • Submission word count
  • Genre
  • Areas you want me to focus on
  • Attached file of submission (any common format), or link to Google Doc

By submitting to this address, you confirm that the submission is your own work, and that you consent to the work in its submitted state being publicly displayed by me, on the internet, on any web site, including YouTube and any other service I might use as a host. You are not giving me permission to use your work as my own in any capacity. You retain full intellectual property of any submitted work.