Walden Three

They found him wandering the butterfly museum, wearing nothing but a pair of Oxford button-downs and clasping half a crackled Moleskine to his belly. His gait was a mad laugh he made with his toes. I saw him on camera hissing at the cockroaches and sipping quail yolks from their shells. He died an hour later. […]


One evening, as she drove along the highway in the rain, an old lady saw a killer robot dragging his death cannon behind him and trudging through mud at the edge of the road. The old lady’s heart skipped as she considered the dangers of picking up killer robot hitchhikers—suppose he took her checkbook and […]


Two squirrels sat outside my window. I sipped coffee inside, at my kitchen table, pretending to read a book. It was two thirty in the afternoon on a Friday. I had called out of work sick that morning—though I hadn’t been sick—for no good reason, aside from a foreboding feeling unlike anything I’d ever felt […]