Black Librarian Archives Series

His dark cloak billowed in waves that ended in a cascade of tattered threads, and the pages of the great leather book in his hand fluttered like the wings of a pale moth … He was the man from the boy’s recent dreaming, but the boy was not asleep. -The Silver Shard

“…Excellently written dark moments … A good range of characters, each with their own tantalising backstory and motivations.” -Emily A.

“…Fullmetal Alchemist crossed with D&D.” -James D.

“…(W)ell written and wonderfully descriptive…” -Derek M.

The Black Librarian Archives tell the story of Dan, a boy drawn from burning London to a world of spirits, magic, and burgeoning industry. All Dan wants is to follow in the footsteps of the mysterious, black-cloaked mage who saved him, a man whom legends call Oton of Relar.

Before he can become a mage himself, Dan must learn at the University at Ormuil, the learning center of all great guilds. To pay his way, Dan joins the Treasure Hunting Club, whose mysterious members hold more in common with Dan can he can imagine.

The war in the West, the domination of the Miraculous Church, and the power of the legendary weapons known as the Prime Impulses: These are the threads tying Dan’s fate to that of the enigmatic Black Librarian, to the subversive Freemen for Tomorrow, to the world’s own fast-approaching doom.